Can We Find You

If you dialed 911, would NWFR be able to locate your address? Do you live down a long driveway? In a rural area? Can your home be seen in the dark? 

Be sure we can find you in an emergency. Our responders are in the area using GPS mapping to assist in locating your residence. But if your home is located down a long driveway with several other residences and there is no clear marking indicating which home is yours it could impede our response. Would you want this to happen to you?

In an emergency, when every second counts, the speed that help arrives can mean the difference between life and death. It would be reassuring to know that your address marker could be easily seen.


North Whatcom Fire and Rescue asks for your assistance

  • take a moment, look at your home or businesses and identify if it is clearly addressed, 
  • make your fall and winter project to make your home more visible
  • make sure your address is not obstructed by plants, shrubs, or trees and, 
  • that all numbers are in place (non-missing or damaged).
  • You could also help your elderly neighbor or family member by checking to see if their address is visible in the day and at night.

Help us make sure you and your family can be located during an emergency.

The Link below is just one example of reflective signage that is available in the area. These products are made of materials with reflective numbers, contrasting reflective background, posts and other items needed to install or replace your address numbers.

For information about SHA and pricing:

Help us ensure we can find you in an emergency!

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